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Had Too Much Alcohol At That Fabulous Party ?

Alcohol Excess

Too many parties ?

Too much At that fun function ?

Mixed your drinks ?

Need to prepare for the xmas party scene ?

Just can’t handle the wine ? What if you had something that would help avoid the hangover & seedy feeling that spoils the fun you had ? The contents of our alcohol excess formula will help offset the potential effects of drinking too much alcohol or reduce the effects of having had too much. It will assist in quicker recovery. Where possible it is best to take 1 – 2 doses before going to your function, as well as taking the formula afterwards. Avoid mixing your drinks.

To assist this remedy working at it’s best, drink plenty of water while drinking alcohol. Following day - avoid processed foods, drink water, allow your digestive system to rest & recover. Vit C is a good supplement to use. This remedy is aimed at helping those of you who drink for social reasons and have taken just that bit too much or if they feel they may potentially overindulge at an upcoming event.

If you are aware that you have a drinking problem please consider seeking appropriate advice & help.

Please monitor & maintain your alcohol use to within allowable limits & limit intake by what you know your body can handle.

Disclaimer – this remedy is not meant to be used as an excuse to drink alcohol to excess or for those who are habitual alcohol drinkers to believe this allows them to drink with impunity. Please use discretion. It also does not reduce the blood alcohol level for testing. © Healing World Ltd

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