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So How Did I Get A Gut Bug !

A common pesky gut bug problem

Our Bacter Buster Formula can help you overcome the symptoms

This formula covers salmonella / helicobacter / campylobacters (jejuni & fetus)

You can get infected by:

  • handling raw meat or poultry

  • eating contaminated raw or under cooked food

  • eating contaminated bought food – for example, takeaways and at restaurants

  • drinking contaminated water

  • having contact with faeces or faecal matter

  • having contact with infected animals

  • swimming or playing in contaminated, such as rivers and lakes

  • travelling overseas (contact with infected people or foods).

These bacteria usually live in the digestive system of animals, including poultry and cattle. Summer heat can create a much bigger outbreak.

Helicobacter attacks the stomach - it can be the main cause of stomach ulcers.

Symptoms of infection include :

- Diarrhea (sometimes containing blood)

- Belly ache & cramping (can be severe)

- Bloating

- Nausea & vomiting

- Dehydration (from diarrhea)

- Flu-like symptoms, including headache, muscle pains, fever and fatigue (feeling very tired)

in severe cases, the bacteria can get into the blood stream & cause some very nasty problems.

How to Help Yourself :

- Use our Bacter Buster potentised formula !

- Make sure you wash your hands before & after handling food, after handling pets & animals, after caring for sick people, after going to the toilet & changing baby nappies,

- Make sure you wash foods, store them well, cook them well, never leave them on a bench especially in hot weather, don’t eat old stored food, take care with your drinking water source & where your foods come from. If in doubt – throw it out !

- Don’t swim in or drink known contaminated water.

Keep your gut healthy by using probiotics / eat good quality foods (avoid takeaways etc) / have foods that are fermented eg pickles, soured veges, yoghurt etc in your diet to help the gut create a healthy “good Bacteria” environment.

references :

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