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A little bit of history about ourselves 


We create unique vibrational remedies that you won't find from regular homeopathic suppliers 


We used to run a very busy full time clinic in Tauranga, located on the coast in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, where I practised acupuncture with some massage therapy and John practised homeopathy, although he specialised more in isopathy (more on that later).

We had a dispensary where all the remedies John created were made and dispensed from. We had two part time employees helping with reception work and in the dispensary.

It was a lovely, thriving practice and we had many days of interesting cases, humour with our clients, sad times with people in distress , and elation when our clients health responded well.

We had, for a time, worked with Dr Mike Godfrey in a multi practitioner clinic, which was a wonderful experience. Dr. Godfrey was a staunch advocate of amalgam free dentistry and was a pioneer of the movement towards amalgam removal and replacement with better options. The practice included a dentist from Canada, Jacques Imbeau, who was well experienced at amalgam removal and replacement. The practice also ran a chelation clinic, under Dr. Godfrey’s guidance.

All in all it was a great team of practitioners and staff - we had some wonderful times together. 

Some years and many experiences later, we have now settled in sunny warm Northland.

We no longer run a regular clinic but do still deal with some clinic clients. John still creates Isopathic and Homeopathic formulas in our home based dispensary, in rural Northland, near Whangarei. We also attend to some testing and treatment processes.

Our focus with the clinic side of the work is now mainly with dealing to animal health (pets and farm stock), soil health ( testing for toxicity problems and mineral deficiencies, then applying a system of detoxing and remineralising ), and occasionally people as well.  

John makes all his own Isopathic formulas and has an extensive range that covers a wide field of general health problems.

We are also Independent Business Operators for Cerule products – please refer to the link to the Cerule site.

These products are innovative and astounding in that they deal with stimulating our body’s own stem cell manufacture and release, with a natural and unique algae, harvested and processed to strict guidelines, that has had a great deal of research proving it’s very effective results.

We are proud to be involved with the company. The ethics of the people involved are wonderfully transparent.

We also use a system of bioenergy healing, using the vibrational power of a pyramid. John has had many years of experience and knowledge on the use of a pyramid for healing purposes. 

A little history and information on Homeopathy and Isopathy :

Hippocrates was a Greek physician, born 460 BC, who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. During his life time he was well respected as being a famous physician, teacher of medicine and philosopher.

Hippocrates'  innovations in medical ideas has had a permanent influence on the development of medicine and on the ideals and ethics of the physician, up to this day .

He is also considered to be the father of homeopathy, as he introduced (or rather reintroduced) the basic methods of homeopathic remedies and treatment.

Homeopathy lost it’s footing in medicine for some years until Samuel Hahnemann, A German doctor born in 1755, re introduced it yet again and in a (then) updated form.

The ethics and use of modern homeopathy is based mainly on Hahnemann’s extensive research and work. Much of the way homeopathy and Isopathy are now practised is greatly improved and updated even from Hahnemann’s time.

Isopathy is a slightly different form of the same technique of healing ie using potentised formulas that are triturated (ingredients mixed together in a medium eg water and alcohol) and succussed (where the bottle of contents is vigorously shaken or struck against a hard surface to a specific “recipe”).


Alcohol, a very small amount, 5% to 7%, is added to the formulas for 2 reasons :

  1.      It helps to “set” the essence of the potentised ingredients in the mixture

  2.     It keeps the remedy in good order for a longer shelf life.

So how does the preparation of making a potentised formula actually work ?  How can something so diluted actually have a medicinal effect ?  Why the need to succuss or hit the bottle of formula against a hard surface ?

It would be well worth your while to investigate the research done by Masaru Emoto,  an internationally renowned Japanese researcher who has gained worldwide acclaim for his research studies on water molecules and how water can retain the memory of what it comes into contact with.

This quality of retaining the memory of contact is unique to water.

It is the reason water is used in the making of many natural formulas. The succussion (vigorous shaking or hitting) has the effect of strengthening the memory the water molecules in the remedy have retained.

There isn’t really any magical methodology in how this is done or how it works. Masaru’s expose on water very favourably explains this with wonderful photographic images taken of the water molecules exposed to various  vibrational energies eg sound

He has written many books on the subject :

      The Hidden Messages In Water volumes 1 and 2

      The Healing Power of Water

            And more…

He is not the first researcher or scientist to have delved into the mysteries and miracles of water but his books are well presented, with plenty of photographic evidence of his research, theories and application.

Hopefully it would make those of you who are philosophically minded, ponder on how our wonderful body works, considering we are made up of about 85% water !   


If you are in need of help or advice about your health problems and don't know where to go, talk to us. We look forward to helping you on your journey towards good health and happiness.

                                      When our health is good, we are able to function much better and enjoy life more fully. 

                                                                "He who has health has hope,

                                                                              and He who has hope has everything "

                                                                                                                                                                               Arabian proverb

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