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Instructions on care and storage for Homeopathic / Isopathic remedies

Homoeopathic / Isopathic remedies are sensitive. They require care with storage & handling to maintain their effectiveness. When handled well, they can last indefinitely because the remedies are potentised in distilled water & alcohol, contained in sterile, sealed glass bottles & kept in individual cardboard boxes to avoid exposure to light.

Always return the bottle to it’s box after use.

Dropping the remedy may weaken it’s potency.

The effectiveness of the remedies are destroyed or weakened by the following :

  • Squeezing the dropper’s contents directly into the mouth. If the dropper, by accident, touches the mouth, it will contaminate the remedy for future use.

  • Direct sunlight or excessive heat. For example – in a car or beside a heater.

  • Strong tasting / strong smelling substances. For example – peppermint / garlic / eucalyptus / menthol / camphor / coffee / coke / energy drinks containing caffeine / perfumes, etc .....

  • X-Rays. For example – at airports / dentists rooms / hospitals (scans, etc)

  • Magnets / electro-magnetic currents / electronic equipment. These include :-                                                                                                                      1.   Kitchen – fridge, microwave, electric jug, freezer, dishwasher, etc                                                                                                                                 2.  Bathroom / bedroom – electric shaver, hairdryer, magnetic underlay, electric blanket                                                                                                 3.  Laundry / garage / car – washing machine, clothes dryer, cleaning chemicals (unless natural eco friendly brands), industrial chemicals                                including paints, garage door opener, etc

        4.  Office – phones, computers, printers, i-pads, i-pods, etc .....

        5.  On your person – cell phones, perfumes, magnetic jewellery, electronic car keys, etc..

Avoid eating, smoking, chewing gum, using toothpaste immediately before or after taking remedies

Never mix different remedies together unless so instructed by a practitioner. Some remedies are of a positive vibration, some are negative, & they will neutralise each other’s effectiveness if you get it wrong. ALSO - some remedies are created for detoxing purposes, so contain drainage ingredients that encourage toxin removal out of the body, other remedies are created as supportive or supplemental to body functions.

If you combine these you may not achieve a worthwhile effect .

If you wish to take any remedies with you while travelling overseas, we advise that you wrap them well in tin foil & place them in the centre of your suitcase. This helps avoid the harmful effects of exposure to X-Rays & scanners. Where appropriate, tell Customs of the remedies you are carrying in order to avoid having them confiscated.

Re larger bottles of formulas (larger than 30mls). These do not have storage boxes but they are well wrapped in cardboard "sleeves" to protect them from light. Please leave the sleeve in place and store them, use them, as per above instructions. 

Where using droppers and or syringes for administering doses to animals, please ensure the dispensing equipment is cleaned with boiling water and stored in a clean container after each use. Discard if any concern over contamination is suspected.

Instructions on care and storage for supplements and other products

If the product is in a re sealable bag, it will keep for up to 3 months, as long as you  ensure it is kept well sealed and in a cool, dry place (NOT in the fridge as this may create a moisture problem).

Some products, like iodine, if they are a bottled liquid, may need to be stored in the fridge.

If you choose to transfer the contents of a bagged product to another method of storage, we cannot guarantee that the product will retain it’s viability. Choose a clean glass container where possible and ensure it is well sealed when closed.

Never mix different products together.

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