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When it comes to supporting my family on all health related matters, John and Ingrid are a wealth of knowledge. They have helped me, and many others overcome chronic illness. Healing World products are effective long lasting and offer great value. We even treat our animals with them. I highly recommend Healing World to assist with natural health and healing. You won't regret reaching out to them !
Marta  (Christchurch) 2021

My wife and I have been helped by Healing World, especially in regard to long term exposure to orchard sprays and other chemicals. We had been seeing them for 16 years and feel we were benefitted by their care. My wife was actually referred to Healing World by her doctor, as conventional tests couldn’t identify the cause of her symptoms. John and Ingrid take a personal interest in their clients and do all they can to improve peoples’ health.

P. Fegan (Tauranga)            2008

As a young child I had a lot of problems with milk allergies, glue ear and had two ear operations. When I was seven, John detoxed me over a 6 month period. Since that time I have been extremely fit and well and not suffered colds, flus, etc that other children had. I have no doubt that my good health has been due to Healing World’s care and detoxification.

Neil  (Hamilton)       2008

I have been a client of Healing World since 1994 . I found them to be professional in their treatment manner and genuinely interested in helping me regain full health.

Amy  C    

I spent 10 years in pain and on medication for ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel and iritis. I was being treated by 3 different specialists and living a life riddled with pain and medications. After treatments from Healing World I am now pain and drug free.

Angela W     

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