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There are many plants and pests that can cause allergy reactions in pets, so it is wise to research this online and become familiar with what your pet may be exposed to, especially on your own property.

In any allergy reaction, histamine plays a big role in mediating the inflammatory response. Histamine is a natural body chemical and neurotransmitter that is active in the gut, brain and central nervous system. When histamine becomes over reactive it can increase the allergy response (hence the need for anti-histamines ). By moderating the reaction of the histamine (as with this remedy), it allows the true nature of this body chemical to be more effective. 

If the allergy reaction is due to pests such as fleas - look at managing this problem as well. Use a natural flea treatment where at all possible rather than any chemical (medicated) form as some animals do not react well to vet medications.

If the allergy reaction is due to, or possibly due to, a toxic compound like a chemical, eg agrichems such as glyphosate (roundup), it may be wise to use an appropriate remedy formula with this one eg Agrichem Antitox or Glyphosate Complex . 

Many of the human formulas are also useful for animals and pets - but please give appropriate doseages according to the size of your animal. You may need to use a childs dose. 


This formula can be used on cats as well as dogs, and other small pets, where needed but please adjust the dose according to the size of your pet. The recommended dosing is for dogs and cats.


Please follow the instructions included in the packaging. 

Dog Gone Allergies

  • Ingredients :           Homeopatically potentised resonances of :

    Mites / Fleas / Ticks / Wandering Jew (plant) / Pollens / Histamine / OPT / EBV

    Drainage Remedies / Distilled Water / 7% Alcohol

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