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Use this remedy for  any symptoms related to shock & stress, especially where it results in causing fits or seizures, unusual gait, frothing at the mouth (that isn’t related to poisoning), twitching (especially of head), any stress reactions, over sensitivity, anxiety.

Small pets, especially some small dog breeds, are often prone to over reaction to stressful situations. It is a useful remedy in situations where you know your pet is going to react badly - eg vet visits.

This remedy is more  appropriate to extreme reactions in pets - if your pet does not handle stress well generally, then look to using the Anxiety and Panic Complex as a general "go to" formula.

"Anxiety and Panic" works in a similar but more comprehensive way than the homeopathic "Rescue Remedy". It is a useful remedy formula suitable for both humans and animals.

Seisures In Small Animals

SKU: Comp-SinA-30
  • Ingredients : Homoeopathically potentised resonances of the following  compounds :

    Hypericum Perfoliatum / Rescue Remedy / Hypothalamitis / Shock in – brain, brain stem, diencephalon, & body shock / anxiety & panic attack complex Stress factors no.6 & no.7 

    Drainage Remedies – spleen, hormonal, cellular, brains clearing 

    Alcohol 5%  / highly purified Water     

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