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This remedy may be used for general symptoms related to colds & flu eg phlegm & mucous / coughing / sinusitis / sweating / headaches / fatigue / runny nose / sore throat / chills or fever / muscle & general body aching. It is formulated to assist in the reduction of any respiratory related symptoms.

This remedy may be used to assist as an inhibitory treatment  against common respiratory viruses  &  bacteria but please use your discretion with this form of usage. If your symptoms do not improve or you are showing signs of worsening or develop a severe illness, always consult your health practitioner.

Respiratory Complex

SKU: COMP-Resp-30
  • Ingredients :

    Homoeopathically potentised resonances of the following related bacterial & viral forms of microbes :

    Epstein Barr Virus Type A & Type B / MERS Virus / Influenza Type A strains – including new strain H3N2 / Influenza Type B strains / Influenza Type C & Type D  Tonsillar Complex / R.S.V. virus / Rubella / Strep Pneumonia / Morbillinum

    Staph Pneumonia / Mycoplasma Pneumonia / Pseudomonas Aruginosa D.R

    Dosage :

    For Adults :              5 drops = 1 dose

    For children under age of 5 years :     3 drops = 1 dose

    For acute onset symptoms, take 1 dose (eg 5 drops) every 15 minutes, for up to 6 doses, then take 1 dose every   4 hours for 3 – 4 days.

    For chronic, longstanding symptoms, take 1 dose 3 – 4 times daily for 3 – 4 days. Leave for a week & repeat the treatment. Then use when symptoms return as for acute onset.

    To Use this remedy complex as a Prophylactic (or inhibitory) Treatment Against Common Respiratory Viruses  &  Bacteria :

    For Adults :              5 drops = 1 dose

    Children under age 5 years :                3 drops = 1 dose

    1 dose each night at bedtime for  1 week. Repeat this monthly from April until October.

    If you develop any symptoms of a cold or flu or you have been in contact with others who have symptoms, then go to using the remedy as for acute onset symptoms

    Please always read the instructions enclosed with the remedy

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