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This complex is a supplemental and supportive formula. The digestive system is dependant on both prebiotics and probiotics for good function. A well functioning digestive system will produce the enzymes, amino acids and other required good chemicals for a healthy body, a healthy brain and healthy neurotransmitters. A well functioning gut microbiome is well known to be vital to good brain function.

Use this remedy in any situation where you are experiencing gut discomfort, overburden or repeating infections by gut bacteria (and fungal infections), IBS, Leaky Gut problems - basically any digestive system issues that just won;t go away.

Butyrate is an enzyme that the colon or large Intestine produces (under noraml conditions) but is easily knocked out of action by stress / poor diet / poor habits (smoking, alcohol etc). Butyrate is essential for good gut health.


Prebiotics With Butyrate

  • Ingredients : Homoeopathically potentised resonances of the following

    Sodium Butyrate / Potassium Butyrate / Calcium Butyrate / Magnesium Butyrate / Chicory Root / Onion / Garlic / Leek / Banana / Dandelion Leaf / Asparagus / Jerusalem Artichoke / Oats

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