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If your pet is struggling with a health problem you are concerned about - we may be able to help you.

Many pets can be very sensitive to their environment and can become easily stressed or anxious, so their health requirements also need to incorporate what they are exposed to, and what affects them emotionally.


The testing process we use is specific to your pet's symptoms and known (diagnosed) problems.

We can advise you on what actions may be helpful and also offer treatment either in the form of homeopathic / isopathic remedies (from our range of stock remedies made on site) or our unique bioenergy pyramid healing system, or a combination of both.


If your pet requires veterinary intervention, we are happy to give support where needed. Our remedies and treatment system can assist in quicker recovery and is a worthwhile back up to any veterinary treatment. 


We have a long history, of over 25 years, helping people with their pets and livestock.


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Pet & Companion Animal Testing

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