about MSM (organic sulphur)

Our body needs a daily intake of sulphur, as a basic mineral requirement. We do not store sulphur, so any excess is excreted. Our daily requirement should be obtained through eating raw or lightly cooked vegetables , and fruit. Sulphur has been found to be easily disturbed by chemcials eg fertilisers, agrichemicals etc, so what we should be getting from our food has been seriously reduced or even destroyed. Hence the need for a reliable and safe source of supplementation.

Some MSM supplements have been synthesised, which by their nature, does not supply a good quality sulphur the body can use well.


Sulphur is a very essential mineral in the human body. It is known to have antibacterial effects. It is necessary for the synthesis of certain essential amino acids eg cysteine and methionine, which are part of glutathione—a potent antioxidant that helps protect your cells from damage.

Sulphur helps to protect against allergies, osteoarthritis, and muscle soreness, respiratory problems eg colds and flus, skin diseases (acne and dermatitis, rosacea), headaches and migraines, general would healing, assists in sleep disorders (when taken before bedtime), as a beauty aid (healthy skin).

Sulphur assists in transporting oxygen across cell membranes and in this way, ensures healthy cells. Most diseases are anaerobic ie thrive best in oxygen derived cells.

Sulphur assists in increasing the oxygen to cells to help prevent or  improve disease conditions.


Chemicals, like chlorine, fluoride, aluminium (as in tin foil) easily destroy or disrupt the integrity of the sulphur  - so take care to avoid mixing it with anything that is contaminated .


It is safe for children but use discretion with doseage and age - it would be advised to avoid dosing very young children,der the age of 7 years, without suitable advice.


Organic MSM Sulphur 500 gms