This remedy can assist in managing, supporting & maintaining general health & well being by helping to rebalance the minerals that our genetic DNA require for good health & cell repair. This is a wonderful alternative to using mineral supplements, especially as the ingredients cover a broad list of known minerals but also subatomic minerals (which are just as necessary but very little understood) .

As this remedy is for use as a supplemental support, we advise starting off with 1 dose daily for 5 days, to build a reserve, then maintain a routine at 1 dose once weekly as needed. This remedy is meant to be used as you would a supplemental formula. It can be used more intensively during times of ill health or recovery from sickness or injury to assist in faster rehabilitation.

Minerals of the Genetic Code is a reference to all the 64 main minerals and subatomic minerals, plus their associated amino acids (needed for effective mineral metabolism) that the DNA requires for health and stability and cellular survival.

There was a great deal of research and work done on this subject by Dr. Richard Olree and others. It is worth looking up relevant data on-line for more information.

The Book "Minerals of the Genetic Code"written by Charles Walter, is well worth reading.