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This remedy is for use in acute or chronic intestinal parasite management. General symptoms

of possible intestinal parasites include : abdominal bloating, pain or gas / itching anus / fatigue /

unexplained weight loss / diarrhea / constipation / IBS / depression / irritability (common in children) insomnia / teeth grinding /  anaemia / unexplained skin reactions.

Children are very susceptible to worms from places like schools and playgrounds. This remedy covers all the common known intestinal parasites plus others less common. It is a useful addition to your regular treatment for children and yourselves to avoid infection or manage any suspected or known worm infection. Instructions are included in the package and are based on a monthly or 2 - 3 monthly treatment protocol, depending on your circumstances and needs. 

It can be used for pets but there is a remedy option specifically formulated for animal parasites - which can be used for stock and farm - lifestyle animals as well.

Human Worming Formula

SKU: COMP-Hworm-30
  • Ingredients :   Homoeopathically potentised resonances of :

    Flukes (flatworms or trematodes) = fasciola hepatica / metagonimus yokogawai (from seafoods especially raw fish eg sushi) / schistosomas (blood flukes)

    Protozoa = entanoeba histolyca / cryptosporidium / giardia

    Tapeworms = taenia / hymenolepsis / diphyllobothrium latum

    Roundworms (ascarids or nematodes) = ascariasis / gongylonema (needleworm) / enterobius vermicularis (threadworm) / trichuris (whipworm) / angiostrongylus / strongyloides / anisakis (seafoods) / anclyostoma (hookworm) / dirofilaria (heartworm)

    Tinctures of pumpkin seeds / paw paw seeds

    Drainage Remedies  /  Purified Distilled Water  /  Alcohol 7%

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