This remedy is for use with acute or chronic exposure to the weed killer chemical known as Glyphosate (or commonly called Roundup). Symptoms of exposure can be wide ranging depending on immune compromised you are, but generally include headaches / worsening of any symptoms you already have from other causes / insomnia / irritability /  general aches & pains in muscles & Joints / muscle cramping / vision & irritated eye problems / fatigue / skin irritations / memory loss & mental confusion (and more).

This formula is useful as a first aid tool for any circumstance where you suspect glyphosate (roundup) exposure.

The prescription details are a guide, so use your discretion as to how often or how many doses you think you need at any one time.

It is suggested that you keep this remedy handy, or with you, to use when, & as soon as, needed.


Please always read the instructions enclosed with the remedy

Glyphosate ( Round Up) Detox Complex

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