This remedy is for use in aiding recovery from any known (or suspected) E. Coli infection.

Taking the remedy if you do not have the E.Coli infection will not harm you - in many cases it is better to be "safe than sorry" if you suspect exposure to E.Coli, then use the remedy . 

Most people have mild to moderate symptoms, but if your symptoms persist seek medical help.

E.Coli bacteria normally live in your intestines. Most strains are usually harmless, but a few strains cause diarrhea (sometimes bloody diarrhea), nausea, vomiting and stomach pains and cramps, dehydration, fatigue. Several strains can cause bladder infections, and lead to more serious illness if not treated eg kidney failure.  

Eating contaminated food and water is the most common way to get an E. coli infection. Hand and food hygiene is essential in avoiding contamination. Animals (pets) can also develop an E.Coli infection, and it is safe to use this remedy for them as well.

Please use children's doses for smaller pets.





E. Coli Bacteria Complex

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