This remedy may be useful in any problems related to dysfunction with the digestive system, the energy of the digestive system and the connection between the digestive system and brain (Gut-Brain Axis). This remedy will help where there is a need to support the normal function or assist in rebalancing an abnormal gut chemical status.

The connection between the health of the gut and how the brain (and nervous system) works is vitally important for overall health. Many illnesses have their roots in how the digestive system and gut behaves or is abused.

Poor dietary habits equals poor gut health and poor brain responses. Mental and Emotional stress, especially if chronic, will upset the finely tuned balance in the gut and the brain.


This remedy is a supportive formula. It is not meant as a treatment replacement for any medical prescription but may be used in conjunction with medication, just please check with your doctor first.


It is for use as a supportive remedy to assist with any general issues that may be resulting from any imbalance of brain chemicals, for any reason. Therefore it’s general use is wide ranging.

Because the remedy is vibrational & has no physical elements in it, there is very little likelihood of