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Dental Infections and sensitivity are very unpleasant and can make you feel quite miserable. This remedy is very useful with symptoms of generalised dental pain and sensitivity eg pain in jaw, gums, nerves, sensitive dentine tissue, dental infections, any dental work in progress.

Use this as a first aid remedy while you wait for your dental appointment but also after any dental work done to help manage post treatment infection  and / or pain, including headaches related to teeth issues.  Very helpful for people who suffer from repeated sensitive teeth.

Do not stop any antibiotics or other medication prescribed unless your dentist is happy with this . 


It is safe to use on children and may also be used for household pets where you suspect dental problems - refer to children's doses unless the pet is a large animal.

Always get the pet's teeth checked by your vet if you think there are any dental issues.


Tooth pain can be caused by infection, dental decay, nerve irritation, trapped food particles. It is advised that you consult your dentist if the pain doesn’t settle. This remedy is formulated to assist in the reduction of any dental related symptoms, including headache from teeth problems.


Dental Complex

SKU: COMP-Den-30
  • Ingredients :   Homoeopathically potentised resonances of the following dental related microbes :

    nico site / thioether mercaptan / chronic bacterial kieferosteitis / chronic pulpitis / gingival pocket / ulcerative gingivitis / peridontitis / propioni bacterium / prevotella oralis / prevotella melanogenica / prevotella vulgaris / pyorrhoea / actinomyces naeslundi / actinomyces odontoliticus / streptococcus mutans / strep viridians / strep salivarius / veillonella

    Drainage Remedies   /   highly purified Water   /   Alcohol 7%

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