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Supports and nourishes cartilage, joints, muscles and connective tissue for increased comfort and quality of life

Why is Cyactiv® Joint beneficial?

Healthy joints are essential for comfortable and effortless movement and proven nutritional ingredients are crucial to help protect and support joint health and maintain proper mobility, flexibility and function.

Backed by Science

Each ingredient has been clinically tested at the doses provided in Cyactiv Joint. Cyactiv Joint is formulated to nourish and support cartilage, joints and muscles and connective tissue. The formula contains compounds that modulate inflammatory enzymes and powerful antioxidant phenolic compounds that reduce muscle fatigue and muscle damage.


Helps support cartilage and connective tissue elasticity and strength.*


Helps improve flexibility and healthy joint function.*


Helps decrease muscle soreness and muscle fatigue to support increased movement.*


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Cyactiv Joint

SKU: CER-CyJ-120
  • Price advertised is a retail cost. Product costs are reduced when purchased via a monthly autoship.

    Although we do keep some items in stock for client needs, we place orders on your behalf  either as a retail purchase, or monthly autoship, via the Cerule website.

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