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Why is Inflammation Management Important?

Inflammation is a double-edged sword. While short-term inflammation is a necessary and healthy response to injury, recurring inflammation due to prolonged stressors can cause a healthy inflammation response to get stuck in an overactive cycle. If the body is unable to reset the balance, sustained inflammation can reduce the ability of stem cells to find affected tissues, compromising the body's ability to self-heal.


Backed by Science 

Cyactiv is a proprietary phycocyanin extract from Spirulina. Phycocyanin is the blue pigment in blue-green algae and is a potent active compound proven to help balance and calm systemic inflammation associated with a myriad of health issues. Balancing whole-body inflammation assists the homing of stem cells to affected tissues.*


Cyactiv was shown to balance a healthy inflammation response, helping to maintain inflammation within the normal range.*


Cyactiv’s ability to balance healthy inflammation supports the capacity of nutrients, oxygen, and stem cells to find and rejuvenate tissues in need of renewal.*


Cyactiv was shown to neutralize existing free radicals and provide cellular protection against the formation of new oxidative stress.*


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