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We All Love Our Cup Of Coffee but there are some unwanted negative effects that need to be  dealt with for us to avoid problems from drinking our daily brew. This remedy is for use in relieving the negative effects of drinking coffee.

Unless the coffee beans used to make your cup of coffee, that you enjoy so much, have been grown organically, then the chances are your wonderful coffee brew is made from very toxic coffee beans ! Most coffee plantations these days use a few or many toxic chemicals (as listed ingredients in the antitox remedy) to control pests, funguses, etc.

On top of this insult, when the coffee is shipped it goes through various stages of scanning (x-rays), which adds radioactive elements to the toxic mix.

Even if you do drink organic coffee, using this remedy will ensure you are coping with any possible chemical toxicity present. 

The symptoms are relevant to the chemicals used but generally include headaches / nausea  fast heart rate / reflux / anxiety / irritability / muscle & joint pains – mainly due to the caffeine increasing the effect of the chemicals themselves.

These chemicals contaminate the coffee beans. When the coffee is prepared, especially when using very hot steam, the chemicals are released into the drink. It is advised that you take care where you source your coffee beans or ground coffee from for home use & if drinking cafe coffee use this remedy as a first aid measure.

Coffee Plantation Poisons - Anti Tox Formula

SKU: COMP-Cof-30
  • Ingredients :     Homoeopathically potentised resonances of the following substances or energetic  concepts used in coffee growing :

    endosulphan / paraquat / preeglone / chlorpyriphos / diazinon / diazinon permethrin / diazinon ethyl bromide / disulphoton / methyl parathion / tridimefon / cypermethrin / caffeine

    Drainage Remedies   /   Highly Purified Water   /   Alcohol 7%

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