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Ingredients :

homeopathically potentised resonances of the following substances or energetic concepts :

Clostridium Difficile / Cl. Perfringes / Cl. Botulinum / Cl. Tetani / Cl. Sporogenes / Cl. Welchii /

Cl. Novyi Type B / Cl. Septicum / Cl. Pasteuraneum / Cl. Jejuni / Cl. Tertium / Cl. Chauvoei /

Cl. Piliforme 

Drainage Remedies   /   Highly Purified Water   /   Alcohol 7%

Clostridium Strains Complex

SKU: COMP-Clost-30
  • Clostridium bacteria are common & easily passed around. They have been known to mutate from one strain to another. They can cause symptoms of : watery diarrhea, fast heart rate, fever, nausea, dehydration, giddiness, abdominal pain that can be severe, abdominal cramping & bloating, general malaise, loss of appetite.

    These bacteria are common in cattle & other stock animals. This is a very useful remedy for small farmers and lifestylers with stock. 

    It can be used in conjunction with standard drenches and other vet treatments BUT the efficacy may be diminished . Vet meds, like any pharmaceuticals, can interfere with how well vibrational remedies will work  

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