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Instructions for Use :

Depending on the size of the animal – adjust the dosage as necessary. For large animals eg horses / cattle / sheep etc – an individual dose = 3 mls administered orally via a small syringe, directly into the mouth.

Take care not to contaminate the syringe, for future use of the remedy, by allowing it to touch any part of the animal. Homeopathic remedies are easily contaminated – see care of remedies instruction leaflet.If you have accidentally contaminated the syringe, DO NOT put it back into the remedy bottle. Clean it first with boiling water only. Another option of use is to pour some of the remedy into a clean eggcup or shot glass & take this up by the syringe for dosing – just don’t return any unused remedy back into the bottle, unless you know it is uncontaminated.

For large animals in a herd situation, the easiest administration technique is to put the remedy directly into a CLEAN drinking trough of water & stop any incoming water supply for the days you need to dose the animals (so as to avoid diluting the remedy & lose it’s efficacy) For smaller animals, reduce the dosage appropriately :

large dogs = 2 mls                                        small dogs & cats = 1 ml


If you find it difficult to give the dose orally, then place the remedy into a small bowl of CLEAN water –About the size of a cup (250mls). If dosing more than one animal at a time by the bowl of water method, then add more remedy appropriately, to a larger bowl of water. Basically it requires a little thought & commonsense in how you use the remedies for their best effective outcome. Generally, these remedies will not harm if you accidentally use too big a dose. 

Animal Worming Formula

SKU: COMP-Aworm-30
  • Ingredients :Ingredients : Homeopatically potentised resonances of :

    Flukes (flatworms or trematodes) = fasciola hepatica / fasciola gigantica / schistosomas (blood flukes)

    Mites & Larvae = oribatid mites / bot fly larvae

    Tapeworms = taenia / anoplocephala / dipyllidium / echinococcus

    Roundworms = (ascarids or nematodes) = ascariasis / toxocara / vermicularis / gongylonema (needleworm)  /  trichuris (whipworm) / trichostrongylus (hair worm) / strongylus (bloodworms)

    Drainage Remedies / Distilled Water / 7% Alcohol

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