This formula is for use with any symptoms related to excessive alcohol intake.

It can be used directly after any session of imbibing, and the morning after.

It can also be used prior to your night out to help offset the reactions caused by alcohol, as well as afterwards.

This remedy is meant for symptom relief & to assist in quicker, safer recovery.

This remedy is not meant to be used as a means of excuse to over indulge in any alcohol. It is advised that you monitor & maintain your alcohol use to within allowable limits, & limited to what you know your body can handle. Please do not drink to excess with a view to using this remedy to excuse your after drinking symptoms.


To assist in this remedy working at it’s best – we also suggest you drink plenty of water both immediately after you have been drinking alcohol & the following day. Avoid heavy & processed foods. Allow your digestive system to rest & recover.

Vit C in large doses or activated charcoal capsules (2 daily ) will also help recovery.

Alcohol Excess Complex

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