This remedy is for use with any symptoms related to known or suspected exposure to agri-chems (insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides) used in farming / agriculture / general use eg industrial (farms, orchards, etc) & urban (as in council spraying programmes)  & private (home use). It is a useful remedy to have on hand if you are exposed at your work place or know you will be exposed elsewhere. It is safe for children & can be used for pets as well. For pets weighing less than 60kg use the child’s dosage. This remedy is meant for symptom relief & to assist in a quicker, safer recovery. It also offers some protection against future exposure by supporting the immune system. Symptoms of exposure are wide ranging depending on the chemicals you have been exposed to but generally include headaches / shortness of breath / worsening of any symptoms you already have from other causes / insomnia / irrita